lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Showing Off AHAHA

WEE I really really didnt expect The Knife of the Traitor to have so much love...
Im always very insecure of things that I draw/write I think they are not the best but to many people to like it..Boost my artist ego to Saturn!(Sadly everyone who draws has an enormous ego...Back off you beast!)

Ive recived two pretty artworks from the people of Lemmasoft! Im going to feature here because they deserve to be apreciated!

By Teacup ;D!
She liked  alot Corvus so she drew him, but I wasnt expecting to be Os there too!...Im totally love this picture ;__;....Please visit her gallery! Teacup is also a VN developer she is working on her second big otome game (P)lanets 2

By Roiya :D
W-Well, this wasnt actually a direct gift fanart since I requested on her free sketch thread on Lemmasoft but!! Its the first fanart of Os I have ;______;

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