domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

My Bone sprite

 This is how Os sprites were done!!
lol sketch > red sketch > decent sketch > lineart > colors(all in one layer except for the hair) > hair and decoration colors > stripes on clothes > lineart coloring(with clipping mask) > magenta overlay > saturation layer

and look what I found! this were the CG scenes of my first VN named La Guarida(The hideout)
XDD Zan was so handsome(lol "was")

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  1. Lol, trusty ol' saturation. You colour the line art? That's interesting. I've never seen anyone do that before (or maybe I'm just not very observant XD).

    1. XD you should try it! its very simple I think, you just create a layer above the lineart on photoshop and press right click on the layer, to select "create clipping mask" and everything you paint on it will affect your lineart without messing it :D! it makes the sprites less "hard" IMO

  2. I don't own Photoshop, but I'll try and see if I can work it on SAI. :D It'll probably help me when I go crop the sprites in GIMP; right now it's HD 240P. OTL Thanks for the tip!

    Also, your blog is teaching me all the days of the week in Spanish lol.

    (On an irrelevant note, how batshit are the words they make you type to confirm you're not a robot? XD Those take me longer than the actual comment!)

    Just to merge my reply to the previous post: you totally deserve to be happy for this stunning piece! Strut it, girlfriend! (Unless you're a guy, in which case I lie happy in the grave I dug for myself.)

    1. Oh gosh I couldnt with Sai, appart from the lineart, painting on it its kind of hard for me(at least right now, I should mess more with it)

      Ahaha really?Man, I wish I could speak always spanish!

      Ah, the captcha? Is ff-annoying XD But its nessesary I guess.

      Im a guy! How could you say Im a girl!!

      Lol actually, yeah you got me Im a girl..orz

    2. XD Typos. Everytime I make one that can't be edited out or deleted whole my Hall of Shame renovates and expands.

      And yeah, comfort zones. I got used to SAI. Whenever I switch to GIMP it's like, "Where is everything?!"

      Did someone say...wish? Granted! I'm game for a VN where all the obtainables speak Spanish, so long as the heroine-who speaks English-is observant enough to infer what's going on. Kind of like Kanata Kara, where the MC picks up another tongue in order to survive in a fantasy world (over time, not overnight). Behold, Spanish. I am your fairy godmother (jokes). XD

      Lol, got me once.