domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

.The Knife of the Traitor.

Its finished! ;___;
Translations! Here!

(Highlight to see)

Vosges>Pat him>Tell that he is cute>Ask what would make him happy>Do NOT forgive Corvus
Gervase>Change his bandages>Ask him if it hurt less>Protect Corvus>Forgive Corvus
Lilja>Cheer him> When you dont forgive Corvus you would get an scene with him...When he ask that to you say that you cant
Corvus>Pat Vosges, then he would ask why did you do that, tell him because you felt like it>Change Gervase s bandages and then Corvus would try to lecture you...Agree with him>Call him when you are on the basement with Vosges>Do NOT protect him when Gervase attacks>Forgive him ;D!

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  1. I completed all the posible finals hahahaha
    And I have to say that I have loved the ending bonus hahaha

    Thanks for the game!
    You're a heroine!

  2. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  3. P.D: Don't tell me that you're a man and I have made a mistake.
    P.D.2: Are you spanish? Because if you're I won't have to speak in english anymore jajaja

    1. And yes! I'm a girl lol.
      Y tambien, hablo español! Espero que tu tambien jeje.

    2. Así es, también hablo español.
      En serio, me encanta tu juego. Vi una imagen de él en tumblr y dije: ¿Por qué no probarlo?
      Me pareció muy original y divertido. Se lo he pasado a unas cuantas personas para que lo jueguen también.

      Eres una artista :)