sábado, 14 de abril de 2012


I been searching for reviews of TKOT on internet, so far I have found these ones(Also, there are other Nano games reviewed)

+Rivi's Adventures in Otome Gaming
+VN Index(well its more like a mention than a review..orz/ French!)
+La mélancolie d'une otaku(In french :D!)
+On the Prowl
+Hello, Otome(Thank you 9:19 for letting me know ! XD)
+Aurora's Otome Wonderland(Thank you! she did a detailed walkthrough of the game!)

Thank you so much for reviewing the game! :_;

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  1. Sorry to comment twice in the same day, but I stumbled upon another TKOT mention while following otome games on Tumblr and thought you'd want to know: http://otomestars.tumblr.com/

    Somehow watching your game's fanbase grow makes me proud lmao. Please pretend those last 30 seconds of your life didn't happen. I'm creepy, I know.

    1. ahah dont be sorry! This is a lonely place anyway orz

      thank you for posting the link!I will post it also! Im glad she liked it XD

      I really really wasnt expecting this, I feel enormous flattered I dont think I deserve this happiness ;_;

  2. Thank you for making this awesome game, it was a lot of fun! I had a little difficulty getting all the endings, but I managed it :D I wrote a review for tkot on my blogspot too, I was hoping you could mention the line-by-line walkthrough I made to any other people who are getting problems with any ending.

    1. Wow you did a detailed walktrough! thank you so much! Im adding your review here also!
      I will add your walktrough on the lemmasoft thread and here then! Thank you so much for your work on it ;_; Im very glad you liked it!!