jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

How horrible...

...Is to work on an sprite almost the whole day and save the psd  with the layers flatten


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  1. Can't you undo it? Or resave? (in SAI saving in png doesn't override the layers)

    1. :_; Nope because I close it and didnt realized I saved it

      Oh! I didnt knew that!

  2. Just the words "save psd with the layers flatten" make me cringe. I feel for you. (I'm good at that other genius move. You know, save sprites in .jpeg? OTL)

    "in SAI saving in png doesn't override the layers"
    ^I find that only happens if you already have a .sai copy on file. As soon as you close that .png, layers GONE. .png is flatter than most shoujo manga heroines. XD

    *creeper mode on* I saw Graph's sketch of your unnamed character (?) and wound up following your link to the masked boy. <3 (Your green fetish is totally showing lol.) When the page loaded, I was like "green hair + peachy skin = Os and Corvus' kid".

    1. hahaha wow that would be nasty! but what I did wasnt far from that ...orz

      oh crap.I found out that you can actually recover a previous version of a psd file looking on the preferences of the psd(But it only works on windows 7 I think, I have XP yes!!)

      So in the end I had to redrawn it agan...And just because Im talking of the same sprite of the guy you are asking, I wish I was born green I really like it haha..
      Its another story (shhh!!) Because the idea came like a slap on my face and I had to write that...Luckly it would be very short I guess..