lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

FANGIRL(NaNoRenO 2012 edition)

(Please listen to them one after another :D, they are my fav of Bear in Heaven)

I have played 5 games so far..And I just finished 2 XD
This is an small fangirl corner where I draw something for those who worked very hard to pull a demo or a complete game for the end of March(It was hardddd haha)

For Cyanide Tea...In other words Camille & Auro awesome work! It was totally unexpected(I hated Lily so much XD!)

Derek you asshole!I really liked him haha...This is for Mink (Susan scale might be wrong but I imagined her like this..orz)

Oh gosh in some way Nanolife took me back to my kid days playing rpg all the day and having bad marks at math..orz...For Anna and company from Circle Pegasi

For Patty(My sis is named alike XD)when Sayaka sticked her tongue out It make me smile a lot! I ve havent finished it yet, but I totally will(Also Tegami, please have a bag!)

I will draw more when I play more xD...I get distracted very quickly but I did wanted to draw so much today wee

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for that fanart! The fun thing is I wanted to draw fanart of vosges and Corvus too <3! (you'll be getting those as soon as I have time to draw fufu)

    Thank you, Chaz and the pom-poms look adorable <3! I can't stop smiling haha.

    Can I please put it up on our circle's site with credit to you? I was going to add a fanart section anyway.

  2. ;A; I cant wait to see that!! Your artwork is very cute...I like the colors you choosed for Nanolife ºqº

    Ah! that would be awesome go ahead XD! Congratz to you guys!