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Yes, this post again. Follow me meanwhile I eat this giant bowl of chocolate corn flakes and soy milk(YUCK)

About my games/projects:

+I wish I could, but I'm not entering nanoreno this year. Mostly because two reasons:
-I'm already full with other projects I'm helping + commisions + freelance work. I'm afraid doing nano will eliminate myself of the planet.
-Even if I might not enter, I already had an idea! And because I was impatient...I already started writting about it(see the following point of games/projects)

-I've been thinking for a long time about making a game about cannibals. Nano was the perfect excuse to make it reality! But as I said above, I might not enter this year...Anyway, I started a few weeks ago to write it.I don't want to make the same mistake as Eyes of Wilderness...To start writting and doing art in pararel, For me that's a great mistake...I would rather finish writting all of it and then doing the art-

So Le filet mignon was born(as my sister translated me, it means "the cute fillet" )
Have some concept art...This is all I will have until I finish the whole script. Wish me luck :D
What is about? Well, it's something very light...In the same lightness of TKOT(but this would not be comedy!) Might not spoil anything yet...All I can say that the heroines are all cannibals. But our protag can't be eaten that easily(You see him blue? Well, that's for a reason)

Ange, your protag-chan. (20 years old)
Ange and his brother Bryce(24)

Priestess Arianne (20) Totally not Annaise lol.
 Priestess Leonor(23)

Priestess Rayne(21)

I'm staying late some days to write more about it. So I guess more than 10k for arround May is not impossible? lol. Oh yeah. This is a BxG game or whatever. You can go through 4 heroines routes(3 shown in the concept art, one secret)And you can have 3 ends with each of them(love?, friendly and well, yeah, eaten or even worse than eaten haha)

+I've been thinking to throw an Eyes of wilderness demo. Would you like that? It's still quite incomplete.Lacks of various cgs and some insert stories...

+Don't forget there is an ongoing contest for The Knife of the Traitor!

About projects I'm helping with!:

Basiliska: I'm on the CGs now! One is almost done yay! After all cg, GUI is what needs to be done.

American Jurassic: Yesssss sprite art on the way.(Will not say anything else)

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  1. Fillet?! Is the MC a fish?! Haha, the endings that are worse than being eaten sound scary.

    Wow, you have a lot going on. I'm glad that you have a full workload since your art is worth it, but I hope you still get time to relax when you need to! ^v^

    Hm, if Eyes of Wilderness is long like The Hurtful Wall, then I'd say yes to a demo. Whenever you're ready though.

  2. Noo he is not a fish! But it he would I bet he would be tasty lol.
    And right now I'm low at work but anyway today is Sunday haha, it's a day to relax.........................:_:

    Eyes is actually longer than the hurtfull wall...I calculate for it arround 10k or a little more of words.(Also because it has a little insert side story)