domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

A small teaser!

So yeah, for the ones that doesn't know about my tumblr, I've been posting small teasers of  TKOT prizes!
This is basically all but the stickers and prints, I will go defenitely this week for them! But I'm glad I have everything else done! :A:
 A little comparsion of the things with my local currency(Peruvian sol) also from Japan and Paraguay(Lol I swear I had us currency and also canadian I guess I lost it!)
 Annd This are the stickers! The packing actually. I said there would be 6 stickers but I changed my mind so I made an sticker sack containing 24 small ones

Hope you guys have fun if you join! I'm doing my best to make a rewarding prize for both categories :D

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  1. >_< I want to enter! After NaNoRenO, I will enter the contest. I still have an unfinished fanart lying around for you too, so I'll send that along with it when the time comes haha :3.

    1. YES PLEASE ENTER!! :A:!! Expect some fanart for Days of the Divine too hehe!
      I can't wait for the result of this year's Nano! Prepare for a lots of fanarts yay!