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TKOT_Character Poll

This is something I did a while ago but never posted it...orz
I made a TKOT character poll last year, and the winner was Corvus!
This is a little interview with some facts of him: (Spoilers ahead.)

Me: Hello Corvus, I'm going to start the interview as we planned a while ago. Please cooperate!

 T-this is a little awkward for me, but I will t-try!

Me: Don't be shy! You won the character popularity poll with 67%. Following by Gervase which had 52%.

Corvus:(Gyahaha, take that furball!)

Corvus: Thank you so much for your votes! It brings tears to my eyes, as a servant, I'm not used to this kind of treatment.

Me: How long have you been Lady Os's servant?

Corvus: I've been serving my lady since I was 7, so I guess those are 13 years...

Me: Could you tell us how old are you now?

Corvus: I'm 20. But actually, I should be 21. The pillar I cast for my lady took one year of my life.

Me: I see. (Does that even make sense??)
What can you tell us about your childhood?

Corvus: Err...I would rather not say...I had food and a place to sleep, and that's what matters in the end.

Me: So I can say you had a hard childhood? Is it because of  Lady Os?

Corvus: My lady is free of guilt. I was a servant after all. A servant from the kingdom of Ulla. So being treated with an iron glove is something to expect.

Me: Since we are talking about this, how was your relationship with her when you two were little?

Corvus: ...

Corvus:My Lady was incredibly cute! CUTE! Just to remember that...It moves my heart...

Me: Did you were close?

Corvus: Clo-close?! Wwwhat do you mean?!

Me: Close in a friendly way...?

Corvus: Well...We didn't get along at the beginning Gyaha ha...Probably because of me... But my lady was incredibly kind to me even if I did horrible things to her.

Me: So that's why you fell in love with her?

Corvus: ASADSAD...

Me: Why are you so awkward on this, you already confessed and even ki-


Me:...Ok, let's move to another question.
And what about the other guys on the tower. How is your current relationship with...Vosges for example?

Corvus: ...We don't get along.

Me: How was your first encounter?

Corvus: Well, I knew him after my Lady brought him to the castle. Everyone was very impressed by her decision. Many thought that she felt attached to him in some way and that's why she let him live. 

Corvus: But I could tell at that moment that my Lady was incredibly angry. One of the persons who died poisoned on that assault was lady Unna. She was one of the best warriors that Ulla had.

Corvus: I couldn't think of Vosges to be more than the person that made my lady so angry and sad. I can't stand people like that!

Me: But, you said you were going to try to get along with him. Of course, by your lady's request.
Do you think would you have been able to do that on your own will? Befriend Vosges?

Corvus: That's a hard question! To be the friend of Vosges means that I can stand him at first place.
I guess if we spend some time together I could find something that doesn't require to be "endured"- And friends are something someone shouldn't despise. Even for Vosges.

Me:...I don't know if that covers my question. LOL

Corvus: LOL.

Me: How about Gervase?

Corvus: That pervert---Pfft. You know? I used to know Gervase when he was little. He was TOTALLY different from the loose pants he is now.

Me: (I actually know haha) That's interesting! Tell us about that.

Corvus: Well, he was incredibly shy. He blushed like a tomato when a pretty girl showed up.

Corvus: And hear this, fans of Gervase. HE USED TO WET THE BED!
To be worse, it wasn't his bed, It was my Lady's bed! He used to sleep on the lower side.
Just disgusting!!

Me: (I think you are reinforcing his cuteness...) So you did knew him well. Were you friends?

Corvus: ...I'm ashamed to say that I was. We used to play a lot back then. But let me clarify again that he was completely different back then.

Corvus: The change that my Lady had shocked him worse than anyone. He became rebellious, violent and ...It doesn't make sense! Why did he become a pervert...!?

Me: Haha, maybe that was on his genes...:u
Finally, I would like to hear about Lilja. Do you get along with him?

Corvus: I...I don't know! He just disappeared into the sky without pants! We had a little time to talk.

Corvus: I still can't believe he is a God.

Me: That's to expect.

Me: Corvus, at this point, do you know that you became incredibly popular...Not because of your confession, not because of your unconditional love for Lady Os...But for this?:

Corvus: ...I don't understand...I am not handsome as a bird?

Me: Why yes of...course?

Corvus: *sniff*

Me: Ermm...Could you explain us your choice of clothing?
Corvus: Well, I'm kind of proud of them. You know? I made them myself out of old rags, and
reconstructed the textiles with magic.
Me: I bet many people would like to know why do you have all those rings there.
Corvus: Actually, that's embarrassing. Some of the servants that knew my real appearance couldn't stand the fact that my legs are covered with feathers. The people of Ulla is almost hairless so seeing someone so feathery like me it's a total shock.
I use this rings on my legs to cover the feathers.

Me: That's surely too much of information!

Corvus: It is?
Me: I bet Lady Os would like to know about that.

Corvus:.........................................................................please don't do this to me...

Me: OK, so this interview got larger than I expected. Some quick questions and we are done with this.

Corvus: Oh, that's fine. I'm enjoying this.

Me: Favorite color?

Corvus: Magenta.

Me: Favorite food?

Corvus: Delicious giant frogs from the plains near the castle.

Me: Your most precious possession?

Corvus:..!! That's a secret!!

Me:...Ehh? Oh well. The first thing that comes to your mind.


Me: I ran out of questions! Thank you, Corvus for the lovely interview. Anything else you want to say?

Corvus: This was fun! Thank you too. I can't wait to tell my lady about this!


So that's it, I would have written more about his family and such. But that's actually spoilers for the bonus part I was writing haha.

Hope you liked it!

Ps: this wasn't proofread so it's very probable that this is flooding with errors..orz I apologize!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! Corvus' thoughts on Lilja pff. And Gervase, what happened?!

    How've you been?

    1. XD, do you think it was cute? hehe.

      I've been ok, thank you for asking!(Yeah ok is not that good but I know it could be worse haha) How have you been, I've haven't see you in a while on LSF(Well, it's not like I'm there as much as I used...)

    2. Yes, it was very cute! I'm super excited for the bonus now!

      Glad to hear it's been good, I hope it'll just keep getting better for you! I still lurk on LSF and work on my VN, but it's back to school with me so quality posts are orz. But the opposite happens on tumblr OTL.

      Speaking of which, I want to follow you on tumblr but all I remember is that yours starts with C and I can't work with that sdjfklahjkl. ...Er, actually, may I follow you?

    3. Yay, you are still working on it! But yeah, school is first orz.

      Tell me what's yours I would totally follow you! Mine is chegovia> :D

    4. Followed! Mine's

  2. Oh my god. That Potatoooo bit. This whole interview cracked me up.