viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

The Knife of the Traitor-CONTEST!

There is 8 days left guys! Please don't miss the deadline! Good luck everyone ;D
There is no wordcount limit! Please, just be sure it's an auto-conclusive story.

Celebrating the game is now one year older(On April!) I've decided to host a little contest in gratitude of all the plays the game had!(Thank you so much guys!)

-There will be two categories(Fanart and Fanfiction) Choose which one you like most.
-Draw two or more characters of the game(keep it safe for work)in an alternate universe!(But keep their clothes essence and color scheme the same)eg: Os got bones and eyes all over her, Vosges has mushrooms etc.
-Write about two or more characters on an alternate universe!(But keep their personality, relations and roles the same, eg: Os is a queen, SPOILER: Corvus is an slaved prince, Vosges is a peasant/magician, Gervase is an animal and Lilja is a god.)Safe for work also. (Wordcount between 1000 to 3000) Just spoke with Anarchy, she says there's no need for wordcount limit. So be free to extend your fic if you need it!(Just make sure it's auto-conclusive)

-The contest ends on May 29th.(Peru Time)
-You can only participate in one category.
-You can't show your entry on any public internet site until the contest ends!
-Submit your entries to with the subjet "TKOT contest_Fanart category" or  "TKOT contest_Fanfic category"  (Please be sure to do it so!)

-The fanart judge will be me(lol) And fanfic judge will be Anarchy.
-The most creative and well worked entries will have the best chance to win.
-There will be no changes on which ones we will choose as winners.
-Around June 1st or 2nd we will post all the entries for you all to see, and a week later, we will post which ones are the winners.

-There is one prize for each category's winner, and it's the following:
Decided to add more prizes for second and third place:
FIRST PLACE(For both categories)

-A pencil pouch/cosmetic bag feauturing the characters of the game.(There are two colors, purple and green. I will send them at random)
-A little brooch of Lady Os.
-Two bones hairclips.
-Two eyeballs hairclips.
-Two A5 prints of the game. A mini artbook (probably just 4 pages long) featuring the events after the tower...(Yeah, not pictured there, I need to work on the ilustrations!)
-Cute Traitor sticker sack(24 sticker flakes in total)

SECOND PLACE(For both categories)

-A cellphone charm set of Gakuen Traitor(Contains 5 charms)
-Cute Traitor sticker sack(24 sticker flakes in total)

THIRD PLACE(For both categories)
-A dressup game just like this one

I will sent this prizes worldwide! So have in mind that I will require your home address to do so.

Updated this with the prize photos, sorry if they are blurry if you want any zoom to any of the prizes let me know! So far you can see all of my teasers here
I've haven't recived entries yet :_:

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  1. I have a question.

    When you say "(But keep their clothes essence and color scheme the same)eg: Os got bones and eyes all over her, Vosges has mushrooms etc."

    for example..if I want to make Vosges in mad hatter style.... I need to make the hatter with the form of a mushroom? or I can make the hatter with mushrooms decoration?

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for asking! You can keep those details as much or minimal as you like!(But they have to be there!)
      So if you like, you can make his hat look like a top hat but with mushrooms decorations.

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    1. Hello!
      I quite don't understand haha. What do you mean with "PJ"?
      About the colors...It's the same as the details on clothing. You can use the exact color scheme of the game OR try out different colors as long as they got similar elements of the originals
      I have this other example:
      (This was done by my friend, as you see Gervase is wearing a jacket with white, but he got blue predominant, like his original design)
      Hope this is clear! Let me know if it clears your question :D

    2. jajajajaja ok I understand...THANKS! :')

      By the way... "PJ" is a short word we use in ROL, jaja but I am soooooo addicted that I have included it , in my daily vocabulary , and I end up saying "PJ" instead of "character" ......sorry for that LOL

      Hands to work!!

    3. ahh!! I understand how haha.

      Good luck with your entry ;D!

  3. Yaaay the contest started \^o^/

    Btw Clua I already PM'd you about it but just in case you didn't see it, you should totally post about this contest on the Broken Forum LP thread here:

    1. Hey! Yes!! I finally decided to post it lol

      And thank you for remind me! I just posted there too! Hope they are happy with the news haha.

  4. Oooh, I read about this long ago and it looks interesting! (Not to mention that I only got around on reading it this month :T)

    Most probably you don't have entries yet because it's still pretty early. They'll come rushing in once the deadline's near >) Don't worry!

    1. Hey! Thanks XD, what do you think about it?

      And, thank you for the kind words! I'm eager to see the entries but you are right, I should wait more hehe.

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  6. hey my name is emily. i've treid this game and i like it. but i cant get anyone but the mushroom guy.