domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

I'm K.O.

Hello everyone! I'ts been long since I've posted here!
I'm kind of feeling crushed for personal reasons, but I guess this is sadly good fuel for my creativity. At this point, you will have noticed that my work is hevily propelled by my mood, which sounds sickly pretentious btw...orz

As always, I'm going to update all of you with my current projects:

The Girl in Red: Well, the GUI art is still on concept because me being damn slow with everything lately. Yet I think I like a lot what I'm planning here. Probably my GUI's feel pretty old fashioned because it tends to have a lot of kitschy elements everywhere, but I'm trying to have a balance here.

It's quite sketchy but...What do you guys think?

The Hurtful Wall: Can you see the little poll on the right? I'm amazed of how many people have voted for THW to be finished. I promised everyone who was waiting for it that I will get it done.
I'm leaving this greatly spoilerish sprite of Lois. It's my favorite btw.
This is how Lois looks when she got an sprite...And why should she have an sprite when you play as her?
Any guess? (At this point, I don't even know if I'm making any sense with this crappy english of mine)

TKOT: Everyone got their prizes yay! I just need to draw the remaining ones that I offered everyone!

I think thats...All haha.

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  1. A few months passed since you posted this..Are you still working on it? I really like what you've done so far,and I want to see more as soon as possible!