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So I thought It would be nice to vary a little from TKOT haha. I'm still unsure of the title of the game btw, I was thinking something like "A Dandy meal" or "The fancy meal" dunno actually-For now let's call it the first one.
 Until I finish all I need to do with my other vn fellows, this project will be just script and concept art.

Again, this is Ange the protagonist of the story. He is the type of guy that can be found on the most quiet place on a party. Comes from a wealthy family composed by his father and his older brother Bryce. His mother left the house
when both him and his brother were very young because of the dominant personality of her husband. Still, she comes by from time to time to check how  her sons are doing.
Relationship between Ange and Bryce is a borderline between friendly aproaches and edgy insinuations. The fact that Ange is jelaous of his brother is no secret inside the house, and he is not even afraid to scrub that into Bryce`s face. Probably the biggest reason why he acts like that is because he has a giant crush on Bryce's fiance; Isa.

Ange`s hobbies are: Reading, painting(But he paints horrible..) and recolecting samples for his botanical journals.

I'm still not sure about his clothes....I always have a hard time designing men outfits because I do want them to look manly yet I don't want it to be boring-
He wears a kind of weird poncho, and the regional pattern of his place are geometric shapes, more like triangles and squares.
Dunno about the color pallette haha, it's quite similar to the one I used for the Priestess of Annük.

"A Dandy meal" takes place in an isolated town surrounded by mountains named Granado. We get a glimpse of how this are after a big reform to the religious that follows the principal divinity of Annük, which had become openly obsesed with eating human flesh. The mayor of Granado along with the police prohibited any religious activity that praises Annük in town, and sent everyone who oposed to old downtown, where also homeless and the poor used to live. Meanwhile the autorities fill their pockets with noble's gold and play oblivious about the poor who are now the feast of Annük followers, there is a rummor that the abbandoned Blue Church is open for anyone who still want to pray for Annük.
You play as Ange, a young wealthy man, who is involved in a family predicament. His older brother, Bryce,  is nowhere found in his engagement party. The desesperate search that Ange and his father perform on their own house ends with a disgusting discovery; Bryce still follows Annük, and he had eaten human flesh as a proof of his loyalty. Being Bryce the light of his eyes(Also their last resort of their success to being looked as nobles) Ange's father comands his son to search for his older brother and bring him back no matter at what cost...

To finish all my blabla, here are some info of the three heroines:

Priestess Arianne: Posibly the most sane looking of the trio. She shares the words of Annük with devoted passion and love. She possess a greatly amount of charisma within the people of their surroundings, which whiteknight her in any disadvantaged situation. Ange always finds hard to talk to her, specially when he wants to find a flaw into her arguments, because she will raid him with morals.

Priestess Rayne: They say Priestess Rayne was more suited to join the police than the Blue Church. She got an awfull temper and violent ways to make you agree with her. Hopefully she got a limit when her blood pressure rises- A long deep scar goes from her upper part of her forehead and ends into her left eyebrow, and there are several leyends about the origin of it. No one knows which one is true, but it amuses Ange to hear them.

Priestess Leonor: A tall weird looking woman with a heavy layer of makeup on her face. She remains quiet, expressionless and still, as Rayne calls her "Priestess Mummy". Her reasons on the Blue Church are unknown. Even so she carries her role inside it very well. She despise eating human meat, and she is always on the verge of throwing up and swallowing. From time to time, Ange can't help to laugh at her because of her clumsy look.

ps_sorry if my english fails me again...

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