jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Some news!

I`m still working on games, sloowwlyyy but working!

If you haven`t heard already, Basiliska is done! You can go and grab the game here!
Please let us know your thoughts about it! This is my first work as a hired artist
(Hopefully more in the future I still need to finish things for TGR) And I`m eager to
know what people thinks about the art overall! So pretty please, give it a try :D

About my own games, I had some...scheduled for this year actually! I`ve been working on
some visual novels. One was for "New begginings jam" and I didn`t manage to finish it (ugh)
The premise was pretty cliche if you ask me but I got really fond of the story even if I kept pulling
cliche after another haha...Annd...Well It`s almost finished, script wise! I felt that I should cut some
routes(I always have problems with animal routes...This game got it`s dog route as TKOT...)
I really hope to give it a proper end! Before I start talking about the next one, I will give you a little resume and show you the MC sprite hehe.
_Salomon: 2044`s new year celebration was enough for Salomon to snap, he is sick of his lifestyle and how his expectations of having a better one crushes as the time passes. He decides to quit his miserable job and start fresh! But things doesn`t look that well at first...Until he meets a girl that promise to change his life as he wished for (Ugh, even the resume sounds super cliche...hahahha.......)
Happy New Year, Salomon!

Another proyect I had in mind(And I actually wrote something and drew already...I know I should`t have :_: )Is a little otome game! It`s called  "Book of Monsters" and contains 3 short stories about girls falling in love with..uh monsters. I like this proyect a lot! I don`t know if I will have it for this year, but I hope so!
I have to admit I like a lot monster girls characters..............:A;! And I wanted to make a girls version or sort.
At first I made concepts for the first story(People of the Sea) and the guy looked pretty monstruous (..lol) But I thought "This is kind of unfair!Monster girls are still moe! I want monster boys look hot too :uuuuuuuuuu" This is the result :

So yeah he is a shark boy...Uh yes, that`s not a monster...I was considering
of adding a kracken boy but...yeah...Too lewd
(I`m still considering it)

The protagonist of each story are pretty flawed too(I won`t tell more I don`t want to spoil!) This is Jonah:
She crossdress as a boy, the hairstyle there doesn`t match her hat as you see..orz
Works as a farmer.

I would love to tell you more, but I really don`t want to spoil anything! I just felt like telling you all that I`m working on this ones.

Hopefully I will bring news soon. : u : 

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