jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

The Hurtfull Wall_Updated Demo


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  1. *grabby hands*

    Ack, you work so fast! How come your GUI is always so put-togetherly why can't I code where are my keys what is run-on I am the real sad frog.

    Ahem. Sooo, as I was saying, demo.

    I want to go into more detail, but it might spoil things for other people so I will just leave it at DAT VOICE. *3* I'm sure you know what I mean hurr.jpg.

    1. XD! So you played it? What do you think? You can spoil all you want here, because those spoilers are minor!

      So, please do! It will help me a lot to recive feedback hehe!

    2. Yes, I did! I enjoyed it very much (but watching Lois' mouth silently flap away on the main menu was like "lol I have warranty on these speakers right?" and "I can't lipread").

      My stomach I mean brain I mean stomach same difference auto-corrects any spelling and grammar errors I come across, so I hardly noticed any mistakes during my playthrough. Massive respect for Mink-proofreaders are SKILLED *A*-because I doom scripts.

      I also read the new update about how you're more camp character than party plot, and it's very obvious in the demo, with slice-of-life interactions dominating most of the introduction and the story picking up towards the end of chapter 3. I'm biased and want it to stay that way since I'm into that style of storytelling hahahahaha...ha.

      FUCK THAT SPOILER CG IS SCARY. ((((ノдヽ))))

      I like all of the characters in THW save for Lois' overreacting schoolmate. IMO running away in tears because someone hung up on you is sad. Lois did say her friend is very emotional, so at the very least I can understand her, though I can't stand her. Speaking of which, Lois and Lola should grab a bite together sometime. They'd get along like a house on fire (except Lola doesn't wear dresses period).

      TKOT yay!

      Shutting up now.