lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Where I am?

I'm here, and with that I'm refering to being at home.I been trying to get some commisions lately, but
I guess I'm not good at selling my things.
Well, let's talk about what you really care of: Games.

Eyes of Wilderness: So this is my big project, not big exactly on size, but in content.

I'm happy to see that people is seaching on google about it! I was very surprised because I've only mentioned...twice? outside the blog.

So this are my sprites, the first one is mr. MC(Vagabond, yeah he is very thin) on the next row there is Kina the bear(Like Kina Malpartida, a peruvian boxer ha..Don't punch me..:A: )And on the final row is this girl and I will not spoil more!

Please note that I'm only posting the pose sprites(the expresions goes over these sprites and they are a lot!)

The Hurtfull Wall: I had a mayor block on the resolution of the story. Because the explanation of what was happening was waayy to fantastic, and at some point I want it to be at least a little bit of belivable.I tend to center a lot more on character interactions and how they feel about that instead of developing the plot, and in THW I think its very notorious(apart of being inconsistency, the visual)
Anyway I'm planning to finish this! Have a little spoiler :D!

The Knife of the Traitor: IT'S JULY ALREADY HOLYFFFSHI***
Luckly I wrote a considerably amount of words on Corvus child flashback.And to tell the truth, I'm kind of doubtfull If I will make it for the end of July, but you are totally going to get your game!
Oh right! Corvus won the character popularity poll...I have a little surprise for that haha.


Next update will be an outdoors background painting process/tutorial!

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  1. Argh, I just saw this, finally... I've been way too busy with real life lately. I still haven't gotten enough to officially announce my game either.. orz

    But I really can't wait for any of your games, totally want all of them. 8)

    Can't wait for your tutorial thingy and don't worry about taking your time... :)

  2. Hola clua! Que te parece si linkeamos webs? *-* estoy a punto de terminar el mio en blogspot, la url es los banners estan en la seccion contact. Espero tu respuesta, byee!