viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Lovely Fanart from lovely people

I know I should have uploaded  this waaaaaaaay before...orz
First with The Knife of the Traitor!
A super moe Os by Destiny Odisse!
More Vosges Love!(A grown up version) This one is from Myobi Marishka!
Os with her sexy look was made by Kersplode!
EEEEEEEEEEEEE This super cute doggies were drawn by my friend Juna was here!

Now with The Hurtful Wall

Beauty Lois in white dress by Jeje!

Elsaaaaa!! By LePapillionRouge!
And this is another Elsa, she looks evil XD By Lumen Astrum!

And finally with Eyes of Wilderness

An spooky Boris by Graph!
And a tranquil one by Khanachi!

Thank you so much to all for drawing my characters!

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