viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Almost Christmas!

Not really!
Here I bring some news.

I've been saying on the previous blog entries that I've been working on another project besides The Girl in Red and American Jurassic, that's Basiliska by Carrogath!

I'm glad to say that all sprite art is done :D, and posibly only CGs and GUI is remain to be done and all art of the game will be finished yay!
Here is a sneak peek of Orson, because I didn't had his sprites done when I did the image above:

About American Jurassic, now I been a little off the proyect because christmas was comming and I wanted to give presents to my family and consumerism etc...But I will be able to show some progress on the following months! Btw did you saw the Halloween drawings I did for AJ and TKOT?
Have another tiny Emily:

Annd to end this  news entry I just wanted to say thank you again to the ones who are still playing my games, I'm sorry I'm not developing any of my personal proyects(yet) The last week I wrote a little bit of Eyes of Wilderness because I strongly felt that I needed to write at least a little bit.

For all the people who liked The Knife of the Traitor, I'm planning to have an small contest next year, luckly with phisical prices for both fanart and fanfiction category :D! (Yeah, that was the surprise I was talking about hehe)

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  1. OAO? Did Blogger eat my comment? I can't remember what I wrote but it was something along the lines of this is awesome you are awesome sljkhafl;fgjlk. I'll take my leave now.

    1. sh....... I need to update this more frequently orz..

      Haha, It happens to me too! Thank you for passing by!
      And hey! How are you :D?