sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012


This is my important post!
As many of you, life has hit me with an iron glove(In the jaw, breaking my teeth. I bleed a lot)
So I questioned myself about many things, listing them would be boring and I will go down the
category of master whiner.

All I can say is the following:

I've been helping some folks of the VN medium as an artist, to fullify their projects. And because of this, I will have a long hiatus on my own projects. Hopefully I will go back to them soon! I been thinking on another projects to do because I really like the medium haha.

First, I offer my help to the developers of American Jurassic(Visit them!)
I thought to just color sprites or something like that, because I'm pretty insecure of my drawing abilities. But they encouraged me to do some sketchs for the sprite art. I think this project have a LOT of potential, that's why I wanted to be part of even doing something little. I'm very glad I'm helping as an artist, this will be totally a challenge worth trying and dying(Most posibly the last one)
So this are some sketches I've been doing, I won't show them fully because I don't want to ruin the characters updates haha. Have a little teaser!

There is also another project I've been helping out. Kaleidofish(Visit her!) kindly hired me for her upcomming visual novel The Girl in Red.(Should I capitalize those? orz) I'm a complete sucker for fantasy setting stories, they blow my mind when It comes to character creation.Gladly I can say almost all the sprite art is done(I'm on it!!) I will not show the whole sprites here too. This is an small teaser of them(with an stupid 3d filter :u)
Annnnnnd there is a third project I will be working on! But that's secret, I can't say anything yet! But I'm gladly waiting for the oportunity to say it.

Finally I want to thank you to all the people who is playing my games, Tkot reached 3791 downloads (pc)
526(mac) and 89(linux)...That`s a total of  4406 downloads!(Not counting the previous version dowloads and the German and French translations downloads!) I think thats a lot! I've never thought one of my games would reach such a great volume of people playing it! The Hurtfull Wall, even as a demo, got tons of downloads too(242) I've been preparing an small surprise! But I will not say anything yet! D:!

Enjoy the fanart I've recived lately. I'm sorry I didn't upload this before!
Thank you so much for this :A:!

 Elsaa by Auro Cyanide!
Os by Cinnamoon!
Os and Gervase by Junawashere!
Os and Corvus by Nathaniel-Aoife!
(She is making her own VN take a look!)
Little Os and little Corvus by SilverHyena!

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  1. Auro and I were just gushing about your art/your VN work last night, haha. ♡ I really adore your art style (well obviously, that's why I keep commissioning you, haha) and I'm seriously looking forward to seeing more games with your art! (m-maybe we can even collab one day! ;w;) You've really improved a lot in a short span of time, especially with the GUIs. *A*!

    ~ Camille

    1. XDD, If I weren't so lazy coloring hair. It takes me ages to pull that style haha. But It was worth. Josh looked so cool with his pretty hair(envyy-) Oh god a collab would be awesome, I don't know what could I help but if you girls want my art, you can have it lol.

      Yes! I want to improve my GUIs! Everytime I see those japanese VN with pretty and decorated interface and look at mine.....................:_:

  2. Wow, Clua! I love the new sprites you made :)! The projects you're working for sound interesting too.

    Good luck, I'm sure you can do it and will be looking forward to more~

    1. orz sorry for the late reply!
      Thank you for the good wishes! And I saw you guys were doing manga too. I didn't knew that you make those,that's totally awesome :A:!