miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012


The day has come!
In another more important matter, lol I been wondering...Do you consider Lilja handsome? I made him pretty but I think handsome is something I would give to someone more manly? :_______;  I want him to be pretty but also manly(Too late anyway lol)
Ah yes, this is art for a poster Im doing for the game. I might pull some wallpapers also!

This is my fav I guess

Next update will be longer I promise!

2 comentarios:

  1. FFFFF SO HOT. I love his cheekbones <3 <3 <3

    I never thought of it this way before you brought it up, but I think he has that perfect balance between pretty and manly!handsome... appearance-wise, he's more manly than Corvus, even. In fact, I wouldn't call him pretty in the first place... beautiful, more like <3 but maybe that's just because I love long-haired guys... AHAHAHAHA

    1. XDDDDD Yes, It all came because this drawing actually, meanwhile I was painting Lilja I thought "Wow this guy is handsome" lol

      In my perception of manly beauty handsomeness and whatever it goes like

      Why? Hmm I guess I really like guys with a stoic face(Like Gervase), then I like dark messy hair and thick eyebrows(Like Corvus), Lilja mainly because of the wide and full lips and because of my glasses obsesion Vosges!

      Its good to know you consider him handsome...Lol Im looking him with other eyes now........XD