domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Eyes of Wilderness

Its time to make this project see the light

Eyes of Wilderness will be a very short(8 000 to 10 000 words)
visual novel. Im giving all my might to make all the visual aspects
a little bit near to comercial quality, also Im doing my best to write
the most decent I could orz.
I asked Anarchy and Mink to help me on this one, so hopefully there will be no horrible
english from myself...orz

Screenshots so far>>
 almost all GUI is done, the quit menu remains undone

Genre: Slice of Life? / Romance / Drama
Rating: +18(But the graphical scenes are optional)
Comercial: No
You play as Boris, a young man overwhelmed by how his uglyness has affected his life .Unable to tolerate people s hypocrisy, he decided to live as a vagabond, away from the ones who hurt him once.
But fate played against him, leading him to an unknow future.

So if you looked >> at the sidebar, there is a counter, It s the deadline for me to finish the script...But im stuck I havent written much...orz

Anyway I hope I finish it!
I will leave you with Boris>>

 K. I miss you...:___;

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  1. OH GOD THE QUALITY I'M DYING. ( *´Д`)=3=3

    The girl sounds spunky! I like her already. ROFL at the bear with the triple chin.

    Interesting that Boris became a vagabond-I mean, vagabonds travel. People be around when he be around. Him becoming a wandering hobo seems futile. If anything, he'll go farther to meet MORE people to further his ugly caterpillar complex (but one day he will be a beautiful butterfly! Come here, baby!). XD I thought he'd turn into a hermit.

    Of course, you defying my expectations only makes me more eager to see how the story will unfold.

    ヽ(;▽;)ノ Why is everything so gorgeous? I need to dig up my comfort blanket and have a good cry about this.

  2. XDD when I recive a comment I get al anxious and start walking far away from my pc...My brain is wrong.

    XD Well she will be kind of unexpected she is a little bit impulsive.

    And for Boris...I wrote a wall of text with lots of spoilers so I earrased it ahaha.
    Well I know what you mean! But he is actually running away from people who knows what is behind his mask, Living as a vagabond means that he wouldnt be judged or discriminated from who he is, because nobody knows him. Staying briefly in diferent places as a grumpy quiet person he is. Not willing to open to others.
    Life would be more easier, yet it feels like he isnt facing the problems he has.

    Now I feel like Im playing with the expectation of everyone, who will think that he is very very ugly...Well I do not think he is ugly, he is just not normal ahaha.

    Y-you think so? weeee...But I feel...That Im not over comercial quality yet ;_;

    1. "Now I feel like Im playing with the expectation of everyone, who will think that he is very very ugly...Well I do not think he is ugly, he is just not normal ahaha."

      Or he could actually be ugly, but finds love anyway, showing that appearances shouldn't be that important. What counts is how you are on the inside~ /cheesy

      (This is Mink, btw. I've come out of lurking. >_>)

    2. Miinkk!! Do not spoil it!! LOL
      Well I learn that apearance does matter, sadly.
      Since It's obvious its going to happen something between the girl and Boris...Maybe it works!...maybe it doesn't..orz

      But!!...I can't help but want a cheesy final ahahaha.................................

  3. Ahaha, I do the exact same thing! I get comments once in a blue moon. When it happens, I always take time to prepare myself for harsh words before reading and replying. I have paranoia down to a fine art. XD

    Oh, I get it now! He's like the grumpy old fart on main street. I have a soft spot for his type. ❤ Spunkette will be his foil! (Shipping already.)

    That's okay, I like characters with a little...character. They're more interesting to look at.

    I know so! I like your art a whole lot better than some of the commercial releases I've seen from, say, Otomate or Honeybee. I do think there's room for improvement, but isn't that the case for everything in life? Back to art. Yours is quirky and vibrant, not to mention the anatomy isn't derpy like that of the giraffe from Starry☆Sky or the emaciated children of Amnesia. I'll never understand the craze. ┐(‘~`;)┌

    1. ...I know how it feels..orz.

      Also Im flattered you like my drawings! I dislike Honeybee males...because they don't even look like males! but welp

      Anyway, I just wanted to ask, were did you learn to draw? Your drawings are awesome and you draw muscles, hands...everything nng so amazing ºqº

    2. oh lol sorry when you mentioned Honeybee I was picturing in my head Vitamin x

    3. What's Vitamin-BEJEEPERS! It's a Renai Bancho where you can't taste the rainbow! The style looks eerily familiar. I wonder if they're drawn by the same artist. My eyes tell me I see a blonde, but my appendix tells me that's a blond. I can't hold these conflicted feels.

      (@´_`@) I-I think I'm on cloud 9. Thank you for the compliment! ;A; It means a great deal coming from you! To answer your question: I'm self-taught. Where did you learn to draw?

      Backtracking for a moment to bring today's confirmation codes to your notice. This post was brought to you by 'supatest' and 'bedscrip'. I don't know which is more depressing, SUPER TEST, or BED SCRIP (a.k.a. bed certificate-now I need to fill out paperwork to sleep on my own mattress).

    4. LOl I keep answering and closing this stupid window without sending...orz

      Yes!! It's the same artist, actually I remember that art on a game about some flight attendants girls or something...It's too FAB for

      Ahaha I should be the one flattered! You draw way better than me(And probably you are younger :_:) As you Im also self-taught. But It happens also that I worked for 3 years on a game development company here on my country, so the experience helped me a lot to improve.

      XD Hey I'm looking forward for Tonight demo! Hope everything turns fine!!

    5. I wanted to reply earlier, but every time I tried, something came up that required my immediate attention, so I had to drop everything and leave. Before I knew it, this post wracked up an incredible amount of page views from Canada. I'm so sorry.


      You're self-taught, too! We're birds of the same feather! XD

      Haha, I don't think there's THAT huge an age gap. Is there? I haven't checked lol. I think actually working in the field gives you a lot of insight (I'm speaking from my co-op years in a hospital and a childcare center, but learning is learning, dammit). It's definitely something I want to try once!

      You've improved a lot since La Guarida. I have two windows open and I'm playing it on one of them right now (the other one is Google Translate lol. Hey, I'm trying! XD).

      Thank you! I should really get started on the BGs, but argh.

    6. XD well Im on the oroboros age(26) and seeing so many kids drawing better than I would dream of makes me sad...*snort* And yeah experience helps a lot, but its not actually you couldnt reach to that by your own(but its more difficult)

      ahaha thank you the hideout was something I did to test renpy I had no idea of how things

      weee I cant wait!

    7. Ahaha, we're close then. I'm a year shy of 20. I think this is the age bracket where you really start to understand what your parents meant when they said kids have too much energy. OTL I can't keep up.

  4. These look just awesome. You're really giving this game some great polish, something I'm aiming for with my game as well. I'm pretty amazed how you pull all this off by yourself (or almost) - doing all the writing, programming and art, that's pretty amazing. <3

    I really love the backgrounds - did you draw them as well? I'm currently trying to figure out how to draw CG backgrounds for my game and I could really use some advice, so if you've got any tips to share (or maybe even got the spare time to write up a small tutorial.. orz), I'd be eternally grateful! :>

    1. wow!! what game are you making? I want to see!

      Yep I drew them and I feel better when they are outdoors bgs rather than indoors...ohh maybe would you like to see an step by step of that kind of bgs? its all about brushes!(I made them on photoshop)

    2. If you'd have the spare time for that, I'd eternally love you. I never made brushes myself, there never really was a need to, with so many already available on the intarwebs and all.. so I'd really appreciate any kind of tutorial you come up with or any useful links and all! :)

      I'll be releasing official info on my game soon, until then it's kinda secret and all, since I want to reach a certain point of development first, before running around and spilling all kinds of details that might be changed anyway later on... XD But I'll give you a heads up before I'll open up the game's official website and all. :) I can tell you that it's gonna be a visual novel sci-fi stat-raising development sim.. (Yeah, one genre just isn't enough for me.. ;>)